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App Cicada(Xiamen Limayao Network Technology Co., Ltd.) is headquartered in beautiful Xiamen with branches in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.

At the beginning of its establishment in December 2015, it brought together global companies such as SAP, Autodesk, Eventbrite, and DELL. Today, the strong lineup of Internet reds such as headlines, Mito, Gigabit, and 4399 has won the favor of several top domestic VCs. It is an expert in the global promotion of APP big data analysis and application.

As the official data provider of Apple, Master is the first data platform in China to provide data for Apple and Android applications. It is the first in China to provide 155 countries and regions in the world, keywords, hot search and Apple search advertising data. It also provides overseas ASP and ASM optimization services, and is the first company in China to achieve ASM bidding search advertising data in 59 countries around the world.

With App Cicada, you easily manage and optimize Apple Search Ads, an acquisition channel that reaches 50% in average conversion rate.


Email us at Support@appcicada.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you're a customer, and you want to talk to someone smart and helpful, contact us via Intercom livechat.