Powerful yet flexible campaign to
manage advertising in 59 countries
and regions.

Create campaign groups automatically without human intervention.

Bid for each keyword in each country/region separately

Generate download report for each country/region separately

Reduce up to 90% redundant work so you can focus on optimizing your campaign

Create campaign groups automatically without human intervention

Optimize ads with user
behavior to increase ROI

Perfect match of Apple search ad data with attribution tools
Optimize ads with in app registrations and purchases, not
just downloads

AppCicada is an official partner of Appsflyer and Kochava

Integrated competitive keywords data and ads delivery report,
making daily price adjustments more efficient

Powerful filter and batch
processing function to make
price adjustments
more efficiently

Say goodbye to complicated Apple backend manipu-
lation with CSV templates

Optimize your ad spending to lower CP expenses

Add negative keywords automatically to avoid any

Adjust ad spending (price)
automatically to increase

Automatic price adjustments can be set based on
multiple parameters to optimize ad spending 24/7

Fine tuned price adjustment algorithm to identify
below optimal performing keywords quickly to cut down waste